About Zyzu Duvet Designs

A Canadian Company, Zyzu Duvet Designs, established in 1999. Now available online...

ZyZu sells: Unique One of a Kind Duvet Covers & Bedding, not available anywhere in the Marketplace.

We fulfill your enduring requests for Fresh & Stunning Original Design. Eco & Sustainable Quality. Durable & Machine Washable Duvet Covers and Bedding.

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About Zyzu Duvet and Bedding Designs' Team


Born in the gorgeous green-lush Maritime’s of Atlantic Canada.  As a child, spent time swimming freely at Chocolate Lake with my little brother, fishing ocean side and gathering buckets of “periwinkles” and mussels lining the shoreline rocks & wild blueberry picking...

Such beautiful memories...

At present, I reside & adore the exciting big city life of Toronto Canada, while still remaining deeply grounded in nature and all things sustainable.  I cherish the two worlds within me. My personal vow is to pursue professional excellence, to live healthy, stay grounded, continue to run 20k/week, do my very best to eat pure, work hard & above all celebrate family and friends.


Along the way my career has evolved from Art & Creative Design to Computer System Design and Business Development systems. Solidly packed with business knowledge, Zyzu Duvet Design & Bedding was created, again two worlds combine. 


What does Zyzu mean?


“Zyzu”...Is a word undefined, free as the open waters & limitless, it can describe a sum total of everything.  Zyzu is not gender specific or of any particular race. It is malleable and ever changing, intriguing and interesting. While sounding indigenous to describe our company mission as being of the earth and without restriction in design.


The inspiration for Zyzu...


The inspiration for Zyzu Duvet Design & Bedding, came from an endless and nearly impossible task to find bedding far from the staid array of uninteresting repetitive patterns and stripes. I embarked to offer consumers a new perspective in duvet design...


From same old or everyday neutral to a place where the bold minded can shop for unparalleled creativity and nature inspired designs, while still appealing to modern uptown & urban styled individuals.


We design Duvet Covers  & Bedding for individuals who love & crave: Art  &  bold expression in their everyday décor. Zyzu Duvet Design & Bedding is exceptionally durable, Eco-Organic, "Combed Cotton" or Bamboo. Smooth textiles offers comfort for great sleep & great sleep can change your life...body & soul.


Here’s your dwelling challenges of today...


Our living spaces are getting smaller, urban inspired, where room site views are shared.  Look to the left, see your living space, look to right…your bed space.

Tight quarters require bold impact to create the illusion of grandeur. 


Thoughtfully designed spaces flow and display balance…It doesn’t allow one room to hold all the personality while the other remains overly neutral.

Too often we see bedrooms without décor. 8 x10 feet of plain neutral duvet covers, and while most love the freshness of plain white sheets, the Duvet Cover & Bedding can have personality.


Let’s face it, bedroom décor is only a challenge, due to the choices in the marketplace, with an endless array of…repetitive patterns, flowers and stripes.

Why buy Zyzu Duvet Design & Bedding …


 * My team and I place a great amount of attention to the craftsmanship with quality and Eco-products.


*We honour our customers with professionalism, from order placement to delivery and beyond.

 *Our Duvet designs are forward & edgy. We design pieces intended to grab your attention.

 *The pictures on this site are displayed with minimal backdrop...un-staged. Our ads display only ...a bed...sheer curtains...and a  lamp. To display the actual impact of our designs and just how little furnishing you would need to create a high impact room.

 *Our sound goal is to create...”Powerful Simplicity”.


 Company Offerings...


Zyzu Duvet Design & Bedding maintains an open door policy with its customers; we stay in touch to ensure your purchase experience is positive from product knowledge to product delivery to product care. 


We ship internationally 


We will gladly help in your Duvet Cover choices and measurement... just send us an email.


If for any reason our Zyzu Duvet Design & Bedding is not for you, return unused product for an immediate refund. 


If over time, you’d like to upgrade to a new design, return your undamaged bedding, & receive an incentive towards your next purchase, in return, we will donate your used dry-cleaned Zyzu bedding to charity.


I sincerely hope you love your Zyzu Duvet Design & Bedding. I can assure you we will do our very best to provide bedding that is ...Creative, well crafted, machine washable & eco-friendly.


Order & enjoy a Zyzu Duvet Cover & Duvet today, you deserve it.


Feel free to contact us by email anytime.   info@zyzudesigns.com


Crissy & The Zyzu Team