Who are Zyzu Duvet & Bedding Customers…

You + Eco,   preserve yourself and the planet.

You + Wow, unexpected ideas entice the mind

You + Now,  appreciates what's new & current.

You + Lux,   a little luxury & inner entitlement. Why not!!

You + Zyzu, bold expression in your everyday décor.

You + Dream, Understand that a comfortable sleep can change your life, body and soul.

You + special requests, One Color Black Custom Designs are possible...send us an email.  info@zyzudesigns.com  
Who are Zyzu Duvet & Bedding Customers

*Condo/Apartment owners who wish to create large impact within a small bedroom space.
*Homeowners with large bedroom spaces, looking for a strong focal point to anchor the room.
*One looking for unique design items, balanced with durable textiles.
*The Gifter or Giftee: Holiday & Wedding & Home-Warming.
*Anyone fatigued by repetitive patterns.
*Non-gendered designs.
P.S.....We would LOVE your feedback, It's gold to an online business.  Send us an email.. info@zyzudesigns.com  even if you aren't shopping today...tell us which design you liked best or a design idea you were hoping to find