Learning Centre: Down Duvets & Pillows

Zyzu designs does not sell feather products but wanted to offer information about feather products.

Be sure to purchase White Goose or White Duck Down Duvets and Pillows, from ethical and accredited manufacturers. If possible purchase duvets that do not  contain feathers, which poke and destroy duvet casings.

Down is the fluffier underside of a feather Down is lofty and soft, provides great warmth and breathability. Easy to care for...simply needs a regular shake to maintain a plump loft and cleanliness.

Accredited Manufacturers will generally offer 15 Year Warranties on all Down Duvets and 5 Year Warranties on Down Pillows.


When you order a duvet you will order by:

1) Duvet: Goose or Duck ? .

2) Type of Feather:?

White Duck Down-European

White Goose Down-Hutterite

White Goose Down-European

White Goose Down-Hungarian

3) Loft:? from 550 up to 800


You ask ...What is Loft?

Loft is the down-fill power, it affects Breathability and warmth.

Filling power, or loft, is the ability of an ounce of down to occupy space. High quality High Loft down has the ability to insulate very well when air is able to be trapped around the down filaments.

Down provides for an insulated and comfortable sleep in cold temperatures, but also contributes to a light and airy sleep in warm temperature, thanks to its breathable nature. The higher the fill power, the better the down is able to do this job.

Higher filling power, reflected in the loft number, is an indicator of a higher quality down, which ranges from about 500-800.

example below:



Goose Down vs Duck Down

  • Goose Down clusters are generally larger than Duck down clusters.
  • Goose Down produces a higher fill and is more resilient and durable than Duck down.
  • Geese only eat grass resulting in a less scented down, whereas a Duck’s diet is more diverse.
  • Most Down Duvets are sanitised before filling. 


How to Properly Use Down Comforter?

Before using the down comforter for the first time, shake the down comforter vigorously for a few minutes to encourage lofting. Full lofting of your down comforter could take 24 hours to occur. When using your down comforter, your body heat will also enable more lofting to take place. Customers are advised to shake the down comforter weekly to retain its loft.

Caring for your down comforter is important as it will prolong the life of the down comforter and eliminate the need for frequent cleaning. The easiest approach is to use it together with a duvet cover. The cover will keep the comforter clean and reduce wear. It is also important to periodically air out your down comforter. Airing freshens your down comforter, and optimises the insulating properties of the down.


How to Clean a Down Comforter?

manufacturers recommend professionally dry cleaning your down comforters

Small spots or stains can be removed from your down comforter by spot cleaning. Use a non-detergent based cleaning agent that is diluted with water. Shift the down away from the soiled area, and then use a small amount of the cleaning solution on the spot. Rub the fabric to loosen and lift the stain. Rinse using a small amount of water and then squeeze the excess moisture first with your hands and then with a dry towel. This area can then be dried in air or by hair dryer.


Preventative Maintenance

Generally, down comforters and pillows should be shaken out daily to restore their loft. With fixed construction comforters (i.e., baffle box and sewn-through boxes), the down will not move from outside its respective box during the shaking. You can also tumble dry their down products to get some extra loft.

It is a great idea to protect a comforter, pillow, or feather bed with a fabric cover of some sort. Duvet covers for comforters, pillow protectors, and feather bed protectors are worthwhile investments that extend the life of down bedding significantly.



Most customers choose to have their down bedding professionally dry cleaned. However most fabrics allow gentle machine washing, if the washer is large enough to accommodate the product. A small amount of mild dish detergent is a good way to clean the bedding (avoid using laundry detergent as it leaves a phosphate coating on the down clusters and reduces the ability for the down to regain its loft).


Misc. Fact

Moths usually do not attack the down filling-only the shells are susceptible (As all linens are).