100% Pure Virgin Wool Duvet-Machine Washable

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Wool duvet filled with Fine Australian wool, providing light-weight comfort 

Wool wicks away excess moisture, keeping you at an ideal temperature in every season and climate.

...enabling a good night's sleep.

The 100% fine cotton shell is hypoallergenic &  100% pure virgin wool.

Wool products are naturally flame retardant and hypoallergenic

Contains no added chemicals, and resistant to dust mites.

Worry free laundering with a quick toss in the washing machine, easy-to-care.

Wool creates a micro-climate, to regulate body temperature and humidity.

Wool absorbs up to 1/3 of its weight in moisture without feeling damp providing a dry sleeping environment for a better quality sleep. 

Filling: 100% Pure Virgin Wool
Casing: 100% Fine Cotton Shell
Treatment: Naturally hypoallergenic
Care: Dry cleaning recommended